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The system will track and monitor time-consuming routine jobs, and “bother” you with essentials only. This is to make sure you can use your time as you wish and as you deserve. It will enable you to create perfect light and atmosphere with a simple push of a button. And much more.

Temperature control

Control your heating, cooling, fans and even lighting from your thermostat. Light switches can automatically measure and control your home temperature.


The perfect light setting in your living room at the push of a single button. Comfortable living thanks to the control of blinds dependent on light intensity, time or need.


With a little bit of planning, you can have full control over how music plays throughout the entire home. There are several methods and technologies to consider when it comes to distributing audio.

Make sure your home knows your wishes

Set all kinds of different scenarios. When you walk in, your home plays your favourite song. When you start your TV, ambient lights turn on. When you walk out, different heating settings get activated.

Touch panel

Controls help you intuitively control your most common functions in a simple and consistent way.


Smart home is making sure your estate is more economical. It’s an intelligent network that can detect energy or heat waste. And that means for good because the modular system can be rebuilt or expanded any time.


Smart home is here to make your life easier, but not just that – it’s here to make sure you are safe. Imagine a living space that can detect break-ins, smoke, water and gas leak, etc. Imagine a living space that can make sure you have a place to return to after your holiday or business trip.

Beautifully designed modules

Great looking panels, switches, card readers and more. In multiple sizes and colors, made of different materials. Work with your interior designers on your idea, and we will make it a reality!

Remote control from your smartphone

Easy to use

Tested by thousands

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Always updated

Secure as it should be

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