Best smart solutions for your office and workplace

Stay green

Want to schedule lights to turn on and off certain days of the week or just turn off anything that is plugged in? Sure!


Set up scenarios for every situation your office or staff might have – vacation time, working hours, long meetings, group lunch or party.

Comfort and fun

Wireless sound control, simple lighting that makes office perfect for any situation, simple ways to unlock the doors... The future is already here.

Perfect lighting for perfect working hours

Just a few taps on the lighting controller can create the perfect atmosphere for each person in your office.

Office climate simplified

Integrated sensors measure the temperature in your office, and automatically turn heating or cooling on and off. That means you and your staff will always be comfortable, just like it's supposed to be!

Access control

Hours when no one is supposed to be in office? Make sure no one can open the doors. Unlock for everyone after the manager enters the office? Sure. Specific doors open to a couple of people only? We can make that happen. And a lot more!

Security first

We offer a complete line of traditional sensors and security devices as well as camera and surveillance systems to protect your office. We even have the latest door locks and access controllers, and much more.

Beautifully designed modules

Great looking panels, switches, card readers and more. In multiple sizes and colors, made of different materials. Work with your interior designers on your idea, and we will make it a reality!

Remote control from your smartphone

Easy to use

Tested by thousands

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Always updated

Secure as it should be

Contact us if you are interested

If you want to make your home smarter, send us a message to check how we can do it. Smarter home is always a better home.