Salto Systems

SALTO is known for its dedication, passion and inspiration. That is why it became one of the world’s top five electronic access control systems manufacturers in just over 10 years.

Innovation is one of the most critical factors behind SALTO's continued success.

Incorporate new technologies that present exciting opportunities of driving business to your hotel. Provide your hotel with top notch equipment and make it stand out from the rest.

Join the latest trends in hotel management. Our system provides you with a deep understanding of hotel operations, your guests’ needs and, at the same time, the most advanced hotel security.

Since the system can be fully integrated with third party hardware/software, the security is truly reliable, while the guest access throughout the hotel is safe, convenient and seamless.


We are always trying to be on top of the game, and that includes our offer of designed modules, switches, screens and else. Check out some of the things you can get in your own smart home, and let us know.

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If you want to make your home smarter, send us a message to check how we can do it. Smarter home is always a better home.