Learn more about smart hotels

Checking in and out the smart way

Your guest comes in – lighting goes on, conditioning as well, and the sound is set for the warmest welcome. Your guest checks out – the smart system does all that’s necessary so your staff doesn’t have to. As smart as a room can be!

Software that makes your job easier

Use software to manage your rooms easier, use locker cards to help your guests manage their room easier and much more!


Using a smart phone or a hotel card, guests can easily access their hotel rooms as well as other guests’ approved hotel areas. One solution does fit them all because you can customize it according to your own business needs.

Energy saving

Smart solutions will help you cut down on one of the biggest expenses of the whole industry – energy consumption. Utilize natural light and conditioning with smart solutions and save money.

Scenarios for your guests

Your guest will be very pleased when they enter a room and the lights turn on, air conditioning starts working, curtains open. Let's make your guests happy!

Light your hotel with a couple of clicks

With just a couple of clicks on the smart controller, your staff can change the lighting in any part of the hotel. You can even set up the automatic lighting scenarios for different hours and rooms!

Beautifully designed modules

Great looking panels, switches, card readers and more. In multiple sizes and colors, made of different materials. Work with your interior designers on your idea, and we will make it a reality!

Remote control from your smartphone

Easy to use

Tested by thousands

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Always updated

Secure as it should be

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